Claude Lucien Thomas and Stivers Jazz Orchestra has five CD recordings to date and is currently completing work on its newest CD “From Boston to new York”.

Selected audio tracks from “From Boston to New York”:


Authorship of this catchy tune is credited to Miles Davis, however Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson claimed to be the actual composer. Beginning in 1954, “Four” became one of Miles’ most popular tunes.
Mike Tomaro is the arranger of this Big Band setting, and allows the soloist, Matthew Quinn on alto saxophone and Christine Hoy on piano plenty of solo space.. I smile so much I cry each time I hear the beautiful imagination in the solos. Mike writes a great shout chorus for the band, assuring the listener, after the solos, they will take over from here.


The arrangement of this most popular Joe Henderson composition is by Michael Phillip Mossman. Mossman, the king of Latin Jazz writing for Big Band sent this to me as an after thought. I knew this was much too difficult for any high school ensemble to make any music so I filed it away. After sitting in the file for four years, I thought maybe performance would be possible. We pulled it out and continued to develop it. It was performed as the featured piece at” Jazz at Lincoln Center”. We include Latin percussion on this and feature both Matthew and Christine. David Jenkins plays the theme on tenor sax. The great Derrick Gardner on trumpet is fantastic.

“Mis’ssippi Man”

Derrick Gardner is an amazing composer, and arranger. I heard the Jazz Prophets, his performing group, in Indianapolis perform “Mis’ssippi Man at the Jazz Kitchen. After the show, I told Derrick he needed to do a big band arrangement of the tune. The main ingredient of the work is the catchy, incessant line written for the baritone saxophone player. In the middle of the piece, one by one, each player in the band gets up and leaves the stage leaving Matthew Quinn on baritone sax completely by himself. Derrick comes to retrieve him and take him backstage, but even his efforts can’t thwart Matthew’s drive to play. It is a very sophisticated composition in the use of melody, harmony, and rhythm. This was great fun to perform.